PUC Schools currently utilizes both Chromebooks and PC laptops at our schools.

Here are some more helpful tips that should improve the performance of your equipment:

      1. Reboot or restart your laptop or Chromebook. This helps make sure everything is working properly.
      2. Only have Zoom, Google Meet, or Big Blue Button (Schoology) open.
      3. Close all programs, windows, and extra browser tabs that are not in use.
      4. Always turn off your computer or Chromebook daily. This is critical for having a reliable computer.
      5. Chromebooks – Press and hold the power button. Just closing the lid may not always shut the computer down.
      6. Windows/PC – Follow the menu for shutting down the computer.
      7. Use the Chrome browser for all tasks.
      8. If the Chromebook/PC battery is low, this will affect performance too. Please keep it plugged into power for it to work the best.
      9. Don’t view videos in full screen either, as this requires more work for the computer.
      10. If you get audio feedback, it may be because electronics may be too close to each other. You should move devices further apart.
      11. If your PUC provided laptop is severely malfunctioning, please call the support hotline (listed below) and arrangements for a replacement will be made.
      12. If you require further assistance, please reach out to our I.T. Support Hotline: Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM, at (877) 590-0388


Due to the fact that many schools as well as businesses are using these systems at the same time, they can become overloaded. If the systems are overloaded, it can cause them to run slow, freeze, drop students from class, show black or blank screens, or stop working altogether.

Unfortunately, if these systems stop working temporarily, it is out of our control. These companies are working to improve their systems to meet the increasing demands of everyone being online at the same time.

If your screen freezes, please be patient. When their systems are overloaded, their systems will eventually catch up shortly and should return to normal.

Here are some more helpful tips that should improve the performance of these systems:

      1. Only have one Zoom, Google Meet, or Big Blue Button session open at a time.
      2. Don’t view Zoom, Google Meet, or Big Blue Button in full screen.
      3. When running Zoom, change your view to presenter mode and in Google Meet, change your view to spotlight mode so you’re only watching the teacher and not the entire classroom.


As mentioned above, you may encounter issues with the Zoom, Google Meet, and/or Big Blue Button platforms due to issues such as system overloading. However, you may have issues with these platforms due to your internet connection as well.

Here are some more helpful tips that should improve your connection:

      1. If the audio is cutting out or your video freezes, we recommend waiting to give the issue some time to clear up.
      2. If you have a wireless modem or router, try moving your equipment closer to where it is located.
        If you have a hotspot, try to have the hotspot close to your laptop or Chromebook.
      3. Restart your hotspot or router.
      4. Disconnect extra devices, such as cell phones, from your WiFi network.
      5. If on a PUC T-Mobile hotpsot, move closer to a window for better connection.

Please note:

      • Walls and other structures interfere and will affect your wireless strength and coverage
      • Metal in walls reduces wireless strength dramatically
      • If possible, try to be in the same room where your WiFi is located
      • Make sure you have good wifi signal on the Chromebook/PC


You can test your internet speed to see if your connection is stable enough to support video conferencing. Following these additional steps before running a speed test:

    1. Reboot the computer or Chromebook
    2. Wait for computer to reboot, close all other applications before testing
    3. Run the test in the same room as your router
    4. If using a PUC T-Mobile Hotspot, get close to a window
    5. Below are the two speed test websites for Spectrum and T-Mobile

We hope this guide helps resolve some of the problems that you may be encountering. However, if you continue to have issues or require further assistance, please reach out to our I.T. Support Hotline, Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM at (877) 590-0388.