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Uniform Complaint Procedures & Forms

In order to comply with applicable state laws and regulations governing educational programs, the Governing Board (“Board”) of Partnerships to Uplift Communities Valley (“PUC”), which operates charter schools, must adopt a Uniform Complaint Procedure, and each PUC school shall have the primary responsibility to ensure compliance and investigate complaints as set forth herein and as required by law.

Most issues are best handled informally, and the Board encourages the early resolution of complaints at the site level whenever possible. If you have a concern, you can always come and talk to an administrator at your PUC school. If you find that for some reason this informal resolution is not adequate, you can follow our formal complaint policy and procedure set out herein.

Each PUC school will investigate any complaints alleging failure to comply with applicable laws, and will seek to resolve those complaints in accordance with PUC’s uniform complaint procedures set out herein.