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PUC Lakeview Charter Academy is an equitable learning environment where all students feel valued, safe and that they are always growing.

Trophy-Worthy Sports Programs. Lakeview Warriors have the opportunity to play a variety of sports including soccer, volleyball, softball, and basketball. The school’s All Stars dance team has continued to place first in city and statewide competitions.

Clubs and After School Activities. Join clubs like Student Leadership, Gentlemen’s Association, and the Wonder Woman’s Club. There is something for everyone to be involved at Lakeview Charter Academy as students work towards academic success while uplifting their communities now and forever.

Rigorous Academics. Our rigorous and culturally relevant curriculum helps students develop as scholars, citizens, and agents of change.

Personalized Learning. We build strong relationships between students, families, teachers and staff so that we can personalize instruction to students’ interests and needs.

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