Inclusion & Special Education

PUC Inclusion & Special Education Mission

Our mission is to empower all members of our learning to build a culture that removes barriers to student success. Through the creation of true partnerships, we commit to increase advocacy for and within students.

About PUC Inclusion and Special Education

PUC Schools offers a continuum of special education supports and services within the Collaborative Inclusion model. Inclusion refers to the practice of teaching students with the full range of abilities within the general education classroom by providing appropriate supports. Collaborative Inclusion engages all stakeholders in developing and providing supports to meet students’ individual needs, and in the creation of culturally responsive programs at each school site.

NEW DIS (Designated Instructional Services) Counseling Center Website

Click here to access our DIS Counseling Center website, which has information about DIS counseling, a listing of our counselors,
frequently asked questions, and additional resources for PUC families.

Special Education Support Team

The Special Education Support Team commits to collaborate in order to create inclusive communities of life-long learners by empowering and guiding all stakeholders to ensure compliant practices that assist in overcoming barriers to student success.

Meredith McOlvin, M.Ed
Director of Inclusion & Special Education


Trisha Mendinueto

Inclusion Compliance Coach

Yolanda Jauregui, Ed.D MMFT
School Psychologist

Jarazeth Lopez, Ed.D MMFT
School Psychologist

Nora Bice, LMFT
DIS Counselor

Annelise Shafer, Ed.D, LMFT
DIS Counselor


Carlos Lua, M.Ed
Inclusion Coach

Gabriela Casas
School Psychologist

Jarazeth Lope, Ed.D MMFT
School Psychologist

Brandy Vidales, MS
School Psychologist

Bonnie J. Mendoza, LMFT PPS
DIS Counselor

Lisa Welland, LMFT
DIS Counselor

PUC Inclusion & Special Education FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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My child has an IEP, can s/he attend a PUC School?

Yes. Students of all abilities are welcome and served at PUC Schools. Contact the school of your choice to inquire about applying.

How do PUC Schools support students with special needs?

PUC believes in the power of inclusion, and utilizes a Collaborative Inclusion model to meet the needs of all learners. We engage all members of the school and home community to develop and provide supports to meet each student’s individual needs.

If my child is struggling academically, whom can I reach out to?

Each school site has at least one Inclusion Specialist who can answer your questions regarding special education supports, services, and assessment possibilities. If your child does not have an IEP, it is best to speak to his/her teachers first to implement interventions first.

If my child is struggling behaviorally or showing signs of social-emotional needs, whom can I reach out to?

PUC offers an array and scaffolded supports to meet both the behavior and social emotional needs of students. For behavior concerns, you can reach out to your student’s teachers and/or Inclusion Specialist. Through tiered intervention supports, the school team will work with the family to ensure student needs are met. Each school site also has two Clinical Counseling Interns on site. Click here for more information on PUC Clinical Counseling Services. For students with IEPs, you can reach out to your school’s Inclusion Specialist. Each school site also has access to a School Psychologist and DIS Counselor, whom your Inclusion Specialist may put you in contact with for further supports or assessment.