PUC Schools encourages students to become involved with the many great programs and special opportunities we offer our students. PUC Schools consider the arts to be an essential part of the learning experience. Therefore, in addition to the traditional core classes, students also experience classes in a variety of arts areas at every grade level. Students also engage in effective and enjoyable physical education programs. A variety of extended day programs, including but not limited to team sports, homework clubs and additional arts classes are provided at each school site. Specific programs vary from site to site.

The vision of all PUC schools is that all students will graduate from high school prepared to be successful in college. Everybody works very hard to achieve that vision! At some PUC middle schools, incoming 6th grade students spend several days on a college campus during the summer preceding the beginning of their 6th grade year. At the high schools, most students take college classes simultaneously with their high school course work. These experiences and more help students understand and achieve the vision and mission of PUC Schools!