Life at PUC Schools

The vision at PUC is that all stakeholders work together, united in a vision of success for all students. This includes school leaders, teachers, other school staff, parents, community members, and local community organizations such as colleges and universities.

In that students learn in different ways and at different paces and some may have learning gaps that surface as they move through the grade levels, our leaders and teachers use a variety of assessments and data to determine students’ needs on an ongoing basis. Classes and overall school size are small enough that teachers can then individualize and provide intervention as needed in order to keep all students on track.

All PUC schools work diligently at creating and sustaining a culture of mutual respect and caring, with an overarching vision of high school and college graduation for all of our students. The culture is grounded in PUC’s 3 Commitments which are that we will increase the college graduation rate by 5 times in our communities, that all of our students will be proficient within 4 years at PUC, and students will commit to uplift our communities now and forever.

Our schools open early in the morning (most at 7:00 am) and close later in the day (most at 6:00 pm) in order to provide working parents with a safe, productive environment for their children.

All of our schools offer after school programs funded with grants or other school funding.