Parents & Students

It takes parents working in collaboration with faculty and staff to develop and open every charter school in the PUC network. Therefore, the very foundation of each school is built on parent engagement. Likewise, it takes parents working side by side with faculty and staff to achieve the highest levels of student success.

At PUC we understand and recognize that parents are the most important partners in accomplishing our goal of student achievement. As such, parents are encouraged to be engaged in their child’s learning on a number of levels and teachers expect parental support. Faculty and staff assist parents in identifying meaningful ways to support their school community and their children. Parent meetings, parent trainings and skill development opportunities are provided for PUC parents, in order to assist them in cultivating meaningful and productive engagement relationships. Parents are continuously welcomed by all faculty and staff at all PUC schools. The PUC community has discovered that parent engagement is a tremendous catalyst to student achievement.

In the PUC high schools, many students attend classes in local community colleges and also at CSUN. As a result of parent engagement at the high schools, several parents have taken college classes side by side with their high school students and are revisiting their own personal dreams of college graduation!