PUC Families Participate in ‘My Child, My Choice’ March and Rally

PUC Families Participate in ‘My Child, My Choice’ March and Rally

PUC Schools led the way as it joined over 40 charter schools based in Los Angeles turning out close to 1000 parents, students and staff members.  Saturday’s March and Rally, My Child-My Choice brought together a diverse group of charter schools with specific demands and many celebrations.

Parents joined to celebrate the current work charter schools are doing throughout our city; and to recognize that charter schools have brought quality public school options to their neighborhoods. They were also celebrating the positive influence charter schools have had on the public school landscape throughout the city.

One of the demands repeated throughout the event was that families continue to have these quality public options in their communities.  Parents reaffirmed that charter schools are public schools that have brought a sense of healthy competition to the traditional public school system, making public education improve all around.  They demanded that charter schools be given fair treatment recognizing their important contributions to public education.

PUC Schools truly uplifted our charter partners with our immense support.  PUC Schools were well represented taking us over the 1,500 mark.  The orange t-shirts that identified PUC Schools, turned the crowd of charter school supporters into a sea of orange t-shirts, stating that PUC Schools stands for excellence in Public Education.  It was clear that PUC Schools had two to three times more heroic community representatives there marching, dancing, cheering, and chanting for success in public education.  Go PUC!!!

The strongest message we sent as PUC Schools was that, no matter where we go, we hold true to our name.  We are partners that uplift our communities through an unwavering dedication to academic excellence and a continual dedication to improving our communities now and forever.  It is clear that PUC’s 3 commitments are wholeheartedly believed in when all our stakeholders come out and take a stance full off love and celebration for our children and their future as university graduates, career professionals, and happy and productive citizens of this great city.  We were truly an army of families celebrating our quality schools to make sure that everyone knows that we want to continue to seeing an upward trajectory when it comes to the future of high quality public schools, both charter and non-charter.