3rd Annual Majors & Career Event

8:00am – 1:15pm

Welcome Potential Volunteer Presenters!

In an effort to empower and inspire PUC Schools’ high school SOPHOMORES & JUNIORS, to make more informed college major and career selections, we ask you to please consider volunteering as a presenter at our upcoming Majors and Career Event (Monday, February 4, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 1:15 pm).

We need YOU, college and university professors and career-industry experts to come out and share a 45 minute presentation on your personal career journey; academic strengths needed for success in an area of study/career; jobs a major frequently leads to, as well as employment and salary forecasts.

Sharing your personal story and expertise helps motivate students to connect the dots between school and career, hence motivating them to persevere!

*Presenter commitment time: 8:00 AM to 1:15 PM
*Audience will be high school sophomores & juniors (15 – 17 year olds, ~30 students per session)
*Volunteers will present the same 45 minute presentation 3 times
*Co-presenters or small group presentations are welcome
*Possible Presenter Talking Points Document
*Breakfast, snacks, and lunch will be provided


Presenter registration for this event is now closed.

Event Contacts

Amy Ramirez, College Counseling Program Assistant:
Email: a.ramirez@pucnational.org
Phone: (818) 333-0032

Nicole Murphy, Director of College Access & Financial Aid Strategies:
Email: n.murphy@pucnational.org
Phone: (818) 478-2096


The parking for this event will be located at the Church of the Foothills.
Please see the map below.