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SENIOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Grad Bash 2021 is taking place at Universal Studios! Tickets are on sale Monday, April 26! See below for more details. Click the follow link to download the flyer: https://bit.ly/2ROyXfC. More information to follow! [pdf-embedder url="https://www.pucschools.org/calsechs/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/PUC-Schools-Student-Flyer-Grad-Bash-2021.pdf" title="PUC Schools Student Flyer - Grad Bash 2021"] [pdf-embedder url="https://www.pucschools.org/calsechs/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/PUC-Schools-Student-Flyer-Grad-Bash-2021.pdf" page="2" title="PUC Schools Student Flyer - Grad Bash 2021"]...