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Friday Clubs

Our clubs take place every Friday afternoon are open to all students! Students choose the club they want and build new relationships and skills.

Below is a list of available clubs as well as the staff members who are in charge of the clubs.

Select clubs here: https://forms.gle/sF85KGcAb8sXR3Ft6

Club NameTeachers/Staff
Karaoke ClubPiszton
Student NewsCurr
Associated Student BodyTapia & Gonzalez
Rainbow AllianceLinerio
Graphic Novels and Comic BooksDenike & Hernandez, Garcia
Newspaper ClubAmaya
Sports TalkMr. O
Chicas UnidasCoronel & Cisneros & Gutiérrez & Espino
Gardening ClubMoreno & Mata Flores
Games ClubAbriel
Art ClubBianchi & Martinez
Origami ClubCruz
Health & WellnessVal & Padilla