PUC’s Induction Mission

The vision of the PUC Schools Induction Program is to support and develop beginning teachers’ pedagogical habits of inquiry, practice & reflection, and to develop a growth mindset, as they become competent, reflective teachers capable of preparing all students for college success.

The PUC Induction Program offers a two-year, individualized, job-embedded system of mentoring, support and professional learning to teachers who have a current preliminary General Education Multiple Subject, Single-Subject or Education Specialist credential and work within the PUC organization or a PUC partner school. All teachers are highly encouraged to begin Induction in the first year of teaching and continue to grow in their professional practice while guided by the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP), an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP), and an Induction Mentor.

Induction and the CA Clear Credential
The CA Clear Credential  is the highest level of teaching credential attainable and is required to continue teaching in public schools in California.  The simplified flow chart below shows the pathway to the Clear Credential.  For more information, see

To obtain a Clear Credential, candidates must first have a Preliminary Credential and then participate in a state accredited Induction Program.  PUC offers an Induction program that is tailored to the needs of PUC teachers and other charter school teachers.  Candidates can also choose other state-sponsored Induction programs outside of PUC. Teachers have five years from the date of issuance to clear the Preliminary Credential.  To check the status of your credential go to:

PUC Induction Program Contacts

Trisha Mendinueto, Induction Coordinator
(818) 220-3958

Sarah Ballard Wiley, Learning and Engagement Coach

Stephanie Ramirez, Induction Facilitator and Compliance Coach

Claudia Castaneda, Credential Analyst
(818) 478-2136

“What are the requirements for admission into PUC Induction?”

“What does successful completion of Induction look like for the 22-23 school year?”

(The 23-24 Scope and Sequence is currently being drafted)

Year 1, Year 2, and Early Completion Option (ECO) Candidates create an Individual Learning Plan centered around an Inquiry Focus. All Candidates go through 2 cycles of inquiry each year they participate in Induction. Each cycle includes: Reviewing Data and Assessment, Research & Planning, and Instruction & Implementation. Skilled Mentors guide candidates through mentor observations, colleague observations, choice activities (analyzing student work samples, researching a focus student, and/or engaging in professional learning), and inquiry data analysis all centered around the candidate’s identified growth areas related to the CSTPS. Traditional candidates participate in 2 years of induction, while ECO Candidates typically participate in 1 year of Induction.

inquiry cycle #1
inquiry cycle #2

“I want to learn more about the PUC Induction program.”

For an overview of the program, check out the 23-24 PUC Induction Informational Flyer.

Candidate Informational Meeting recording and PPT.

The 23-24 PUC Induction Handbook is currently in draft form.

“What is the cost for participating in PUC Induction?”

Tuition 2023-24PUC TeacherPartner Teacher
Traditional Pathway
(2 Years)
$2,000 per year
$4,000 total
$2,500 per year
$5,000 total
Early Completion Option
(1 Year)
$2,000 per year$2,500 per year

*Applications 2023-24PUC and Partner Teachers
Candidate Intake Form$100

May be used towards the cost of tuition
Early Completion Option Application$200 for Early Bird

$300 for Regular

May not be used towards the cost of tuition

*All Application fees are non-refundable.

“I am interested in signing up for the PUC Induction 2023-2024 cohort.” 

Candidate Intake Form:  Due June 30th, 2023 ($100 application fee).

“I am interested in applying for the PUC Induction Early Completion Option.”

ECO Program Criteria

  • The candidate must provide verification of at least two years of teaching experience (not including time as a student teacher) by providing a verification of employment letter signed by a HR representative.


  • The candidate responses to application questions must thoroughly address the topic/prompt and uploaded evidence must meet qualifying scores based on the ECO rubric.  Application is submitted on time.
  • The candidate must receive a positive recommendation from a current or recent site leader or administrator via the PUC Induction Leader Recommendation form.
  • Classroom observation(s) of Candidate by program staff demonstrates strengths in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.
  • Induction submissions are completed on time and receive an average score of “3” or higher based on the rubric.  Candidates will have the opportunity to revise submissions that do not receive a score of “3” or higher. 
  • All required meetings are attended (orientation, weekly mentor meetings, checkpoints, ECO informational session, etc.)

PUC Induction ECO Policy 23-24 

ECO Application 23-24 

  • Very Early Bird Due July 31st, 2023 ($200 application fee)
  • Early Bird Due September 30th, 2023 ($200 application fee)
  • Regular Due October 31st, 2023 ($300 application fee)

“What are the responsibilities of a PUC Induction Mentor?”

Check out the PUC Induction Mentor Job Description and Application Process 23-24

“I am interested in applying to be a PUC Induction Mentor.

CLICK HERE for the 23-24 school year Mentor Application.

“A teacher at my school site is enrolled for the PUC Induction program.”

Review the PUC Induction Site Leader Agreement 23-24 and complete the Agreement Form.

“A teacher at my school site applied to be a PUC Induction Mentor.”

Complete the 23-24 Site Leader Endorsement for Induction Mentors.

“A teacher at my school site applied for the PUC Induction Early Completion Option (ECO).” 

Complete the 23-24 ECO Site Leader Recommendation.

“I would like the teachers at my organization to participate in PUC Induction.”

Non-Discrimination Statement

PUC Schools is an equal opportunity employer. This means that employment decisions are based solely on qualifications and the organization’s needs for a specific position, and not on age, sex, gender, gender expression, gender identity, pregnancy, race, color, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, national origin, ethnicity, citizenship, genetic characteristic, physical or mental disability or any other status protected by California or federal law. Equal employment opportunity will extend to all persons in all aspects of the PUC – Team Members relationship, including recruitment, hiring, firing, promotion, training, transfer, discipline, layoff, compensation, and discharge.

In accordance with the PUC Equal Employment Opportunity policy, PUC Schools makes all personnel decisions without unlawful discrimination, including decisions regarding the admission, retention or graduation of candidates, and decisions regarding the employment, retention or promotion of employees.

Grievance Policy and Process

All current and prospective stakeholders in the PUC Induction Program are hereby notified of a process for grievance due to the following situations, including but not limited to:

  • Dissatisfaction with mentor pairing; see Mentor Candidate Reassignment Policy
  • Dissatisfaction with the program
  • Appeal of dismissal from the program
  • Appeal of non-admittance into the Early Completion Option

If a PUC Induction participant is dissatisfied with the mentor pairing, the program elements, or requirements of the program, the person will direct their concern to the Induction Coordinator in writing and the situation will be explored.  If the concern is related to Candidate/Mentor pairing, the procedures detailed in the Candidate/Mentor Request for Reassignment Policy will be followed. For all other concerns, the Induction Coordinator will contact the person making the request and if necessary, will meet with the involved parties to resolve the conflict and/or concern. Should the conflict and/or concern go unresolved, the Induction coordinator will present the concern to the PUC Induction Advisory Board for resolution.

Please see the PUC Induction Handbook 23-24 for more detailed information on the Grievance Policy and Processes.