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PUC Parent College – JOIN US!

PUC Parent College – JOIN US!

PUC Parent College is a seven-month parent empowerment workshop series designed to improve parents’ understanding of the education system so they can become informed advocates for their children’s education. Through monthly academic and empowerment workshops, Parent College helps parents better understand their rights, roles and responsibilities and become leaders in their community.

Please come and join this month’s PUC Parent College! Dr. Ref Rodriguez is scheduled to speak on the passion behind this vision.  This Saturday, November 5th, will be our second series of workshops on the How to have Children who are Excellent Readers and How to Support Diverse Learners.  It will be hosted at PUC eCALS, located at 2050 N. San Fernando Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90065.  All are invited! If you have a student in school, our collective experience will give you more tools to see your child become successful.

The day starts with a warm breakfast for the whole family and ends with a delicious lunch.  Workshops focus on accelerating student achievement, decreasing the dropout rate and raising four-year university grad rates.  Topics include advocacy skills, transition to common core, and preparing students for college.  While parents are engaged children participate in a quality experiential child care program.  Additionally, Family University Day takes attendees to a local university to learn about financial aid, admittance and college life. Parents who attend four or more workshops graduate from the program at the annual Parent College Graduation Ceremony.

By providing parents with knowledge about their rights, roles and responsibilities (the “Three R’s,”), PUC leaders hope to facilitate parent engagement in their children’s schools and academic lives. This includes feeling comfortable approaching principals and administrators about their children’s progress, along with taking action in promoting their child’s success and learning.