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Founded in 2006, PUC Excel Charter Academy- a WASC Accredited School – builds relationships with students by fostering leadership through the development of scholarly habits, which contributes to motivation and resiliency with the goal of empowering students to overcome personal and societal challenges in their path to academic success. With this ultimate goal of academic success in mind we are developing consistent patterns throughout every grade level such as fully developed learning cycles, a literacy focus, vertical articulation of Common Core Standards and learning experiences aligned with Next Generation Science Standards. We also believe in teaching the child holistically therefore we have a comprehensive network of behavioral and academic intervention, supported through weekly cohort meetings and small group instruction.

Our scholars know what to expect when they enter any of our classrooms, starting with warm up activities, moving into accessing their prior knowledge and being guided by teachers when acquiring new knowledge. This consistency strengthens their ability to develop independent practice. Once scholars begin to demonstrate independent ability they are able to work amongst themselves to practice mastery level. Independent practice provides our scholars with an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of rigorous skills and concepts. Students also know that if they are not reaching the desired outcome through reflection and data analysis, support is available through in class and out of class intervention. This affords them the opportunity to once again prove mastery of any given standard.

Literacy continues to permeate every classroom. We are developing our vision for success as we hear and see more academic vocabulary appearing on word walls, being used in our language of the discipline, comprehension strategies, analytical procedures and reasoning skills. These strategies equip our scholars in reading and writing across the curriculum.

PUC Excel’s cultural and operational initiatives serve as supportive venues through which we are transforming academic and behavioral experience. We build opportunities throughout the day in which every student has a time to reflect on his or her academic and behavioral success. Additionally, we offer a socio-emotional counseling program offering students and families access to marriage and family therapists for individual and group counseling.

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