Teach at PUC Schools

Why Teach at PUC Schools?

Our mission doesn’t stop at helping students grow. We are also committed to ensuring our teachers reach their full potential and attain their career goals. At PUC Schools, our teachers receive all the tools they need to be successful in guiding students toward graduating college ready.


PUC Teachers constantly work together to design curriculum and grow cooperatively. Teachers receive opportunities to be part of a community that shares ideas, working as part of both a school and a larger community.


Our Teachers have the support of their Admin who constantly perform classroom observations in order to grow their teachers by providing feedback. Teachers also have access to an Instructional Team of coaches and PUC Wide opportunities for collaboration and additional support.


We strive to remain lifelong learners and want to help out teachers grow by offering them school site professional development, PUC Wide professional development, support, and growing them into Leadership roles. 35% of PUC Leaders are former PUC Teachers due to professional growth within our charter.

To contact a recruiter, please send an email to: careers@pucschools.org