ATP Dissemination Resources

Thank you for your interest in the Alumni Teach Project. In the spirit of collaboration, we look forward to engaging with our stakeholders and colleagues around the challenges we all face in teacher preparation and retention today. As PUC aims to develop highly-effective, culturally responsive teachers to become change agents in our communities, we want to disseminate some resources with the hopes that we can support others with their endeavors of accomplishing their own teacher development goals. We invite you to review the resources below and contact us with any feedback or supports needed. We are all here to empower our alumni to come back to teach in their schools so they can be part of the solution to uplifting their communities. We are planting seeds for generations to come!

If you have questions about our program, please email:

Sarah Seinfeld – Alumni Teacher Program Manager


The files below are available to download in Adobe PDF format. Adobe Reader software is required to view them. The software is available as a free download from