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PUC Schools was founded on the belief that superior schools build superior communities. PUC commitment #3 states that students will commit to uplift our communities now and forever. The ultimate vision for our organization is that it will one day be run by the students and families whom we serve. One way we will accomplish this goal is to have our alumni and community members come back to teach in our schools. With this focus in mind, PUC has developed the Alumni Teach Project (ATP), a culturally responsive Urban Teacher Residency Program that is designed to cultivate and foster leadership skills in new PUC alumni and PUC community educators in order to increase equitable access to highly effective teachers and improve outcomes for all current PUC students. At the center of this vision is the desire to build a deep educational and cultural knowledge base in our teacher residents so they can advocate for social justice effectively and stimulate community transformation.


Paid, Immersive Student Teaching Experience (Year-Long, Co-Teaching with an Experience PUC Mentor)

Cohort Model to Support Learning (Weekly Seminars)

Earn Teaching Credential and Optional Master’s Degree from LMU (Special Scholarship Opportunities)

Priority Hiring at PUC Schools (Ongoing Support for Graduates)



Meet Our Current Cohort

ATP Cohort 10 Residents Join the PUC Teaching Force! Click here to learn more about our current residents and their experiences.


Application Deadlines for Cohort 11 (2023-2024)

Early Round Deadline: Monday, December 19, 2022

Final Round Deadline: February 13, 2023

Minimum Requirements

  • PUC graduate, PUC staff member, or community member or volunteer who has a connection to the communities we serve
  • Bachelor’s degree (any subject area) or on track to receive a Bachelor’s degree by start of program
  • Meets basic skills requirement: Options for CTC Basic Skills Requirement

Resident Teacher Job Description

Click here to view the Alumni Teach Project Resident Teacher Job Description

Application Process & Checklist

Click here to view the Alumni Teach Project Application Process & Checklist.

Online Application

If you are new to PUC, create an account and complete the application here.
If you are a current PUC employee, complete the application here.


VIDEO: Q&A with ATP Alum


When do applications open and close?

The application for ATP is open November 2022-February 2023.

When does the residency start and end?

The next cohort (Cohort 11) residency year starts in mid-June 2023 and concludes near the end of May 2024. Official start dates in schools vary depending on the school where Residents are placed.

Am I paid during my residency?

All Residents are paid full-time with benefits as paraprofessionals or educational assistants through their partner schools. The pay scale ranges depending on years of experience upon entering the program and ranges from $18.00 – $20.50 hourly.

Does ATP provide Financial Aid for tuition?

In partnership with Loyola Marymount University, we provide a special scholarship that pays for 40% of tuition for all residents in the program. We also offer support navigating and accessing grants and other financial aid opportunities through state and federal funding.

Can I earn a Master’s degree through ATP?

As part of your acceptance into the program, you have the opportunity to earn a Master’s degree through LMU after you complete your residency year.  There are several concentration options available.

What classes do I take and when?

Residents attend classes through LMU on weeknights or Saturdays online. Specific times will be determined later, however, Residents need to plan to be available between 4:30 pm and 9:50 pm if they choose weeknights and 9:00am-4:00pm if they choose Saturdays.

What does the application process look like?

The application process begins with an online application. You can find the application here. After the application is submitted, candidates will be notified of their application status within two weeks after the application deadline. Selected candidates will then be scheduled for a demo lesson and interview.  The full application procedure and checklist can be found here.

What is ATP looking for in an applicant?

We are searching for passionate and diverse teacher candidates from our community who want to impact greater change within PUC Schools and in the lives of our students. During the recruitment process we assess candidates in the four categories outlined below:

  • Commitment and Professionalism – Are you passionate about teaching and learning? Are you prepared, resourceful, and communicate effectively?
  • Critical Reflection- Are you reflective and solutions-oriented? Are you receptive and eager for feedback?
  • Teaching Foundations- Are you able to relate to and connect with students through content? Are you eager to support the ATP vision/mission?
Is an education major required to apply?

No. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree completed by June 30, 2023 from any concentration, are welcome and encouraged to apply. Although it is not required, having a concentration in the area you would like to teach will assist you in passing subject matter competencies required to earn your teaching credential.

After I receive my initial teaching credential, am I able to teach in another content area than the one I trained and was licensed in?

After you complete our program and earn your preliminary teaching credential, you are able to add endorsements through the state which allow you to teach in different content areas than the one you were initially licensed in. Typically to add these endorsements, you need to take a CSET exam and another course in the content area in which you are trying to be endorsed in.

Will PUC give me a job automatically after I complete my residency?

Like any other teaching candidate who wishes to pursue a teaching position at PUC, residents are required to go through an application and interview process.  However, the program provides residents with priority hiring opportunities, modified application requirements, and interview preparation.

What kind of credential will I have after I complete the program?

At the completion of your residency year, you will have earned a preliminary credential in the subject area of your choice.  You will have 5 years to “clear” your credential, which you can do by enrolling in the PUC Induction Program.

Am I required to teach at a PUC School once I complete the program?

After completing your residency year, you are required to teach at a PUC school for four (4) school years.


Principal: “There are many benefits such as an additional support person in the classroom who is growing and learning every day, provided strategic development of our teacher leader/mentor in their planning, reflection, and coaching, and potential teacher candidates we are confident in hiring if a position becomes available.”

Graduate: “The program really prepared me to face the challenges and be prepared to teach at any level. Being with an experienced mentor allowed me to put into practice and get feedback on the spot. Each activity and advice we were given came from the heart and really wanted to make us grow as educators.”

Resident: “My program has supported me and prepared me to become a teacher in many ways. My program allowed me take over the classroom and provided me with the necessary tools to be able to implement in the classroom. I have learned so much through this program such as data analysis, behavior intervention method, and even how to provide appropriate accommodations for students.”

Mentor: “The program offers a collaborative process with other mentors to problem solve and discuss the development of our residents. The program leader is well-versed in all areas of both mentor and teacher growth and resilience.”


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