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PUC Schools was founded on the belief that superior schools build superior communities. PUC commitment #3 states that students will commit to uplift our communities now and forever. The ultimate vision for our organization is that it will one day be run by the students and families whom we serve. One way we will accomplish this goal is to have our alumni and community members come back to teach in our schools. With this focus in mind, PUC has developed the Alumni Teach Project (ATP), a culturally responsive Urban Teacher Residency Program that is designed to cultivate and foster leadership skills in new PUC alumni and PUC community educators in order to increase equitable access to highly effective teachers and improve outcomes for all current PUC students. At the center of this vision is the desire to build a deep educational and cultural knowledge base in our teacher residents so they can advocate for social justice effectively and stimulate community transformation.

Program Elements

  • Participate in year-long residency immersed in the PUC culture
    • Work on a school staff as a salaried employee with benefits
    • Co-teach with an experienced mentor teacher for entire school year
    • Attend weekly seminars with cohort to help bridge theory and practice
  • Earn teaching credential and an optional Master’s degree from Loyola Marymount University (1-2 years)
  • Secure financial support through scholarships and tuition reimbursement
  • Receive hiring priority at PUC Schools
  • Fulfill commitment to teaching for 4+ years in a PUC classroom


Meet Our Current Cohort

The Alumni Teach Project Continues with Cohort 9! Click here to learn more about our current residents and their experiences.

Mentor of the Year

Mr. Garza, a veteran teacher at PUC CALS Charter Middle School, was recognized by the National Center for Teacher Residencies as Mentor of the Year for his work with ATP over the past five years. Click here to read the full story.

Application Deadlines for Cohort 9 (2021-2022)

*Priority Round Deadline: December 17, 2021
*Second Round Deadline: February 11, 2022

Minimum Requirements

  • PUC graduate, PUC staff member, or community member or volunteer who has a connection to the communities we serve
  • Bachelor’s degree (any subject area) or on track to receive a Bachelor’s degree by start of program
  • Meets basic skills requirement: Options for CTC Basic Skills Requirement

Resident Teacher Job Description

Click here to view the Alumni Teach Project Resident Teacher Job Description

Application Process & Checklist

Click here to view the Alumni Teach Project Application Process & Checklist.

Online Application

If you are new to PUC, create an account and complete the application here.
If you are a current PUC employee, complete the application here.


VIDEO: Q&A with ATP Alum

Year 1: Residency Year

  • Resident work alongside a PUC Mentor Teacher, four days per week, preparing to gradually take over the classroom teaching
  • Residents attend a weekly all-day seminar with their cohort, discussing the coursework theories and classroom practices
  • Residents take education courses through Loyola Marymount University during the summers and school year
  • Residents will obtain their teaching credential at the successful completion of Year 1

Year 2: Teacher on Record

  • Residents teach in their own classrooms at PUC
  • Residents receive one-on-one coaching support
  • Residents complete optional coursework for Master’s degree

Years 3 & 4: Induction

  • Residents continue teaching in their own classrooms
  • Residents complete 2 year PUC Induction Program to clear their teaching credential, will be paired up with a support provider for each year in the program

Year 5: Teacher Leadership

  • Residents continue teaching in their own classrooms
  • Residents may pursue leadership opportunities within PUC Schools

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