Important Information Regarding Upcoming UTLA Strike

As you might have heard, United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA), the labor group representing the teachers at the Los Angeles Unified Schools District, is negotiating their contract with the District. On December 19, the District’s teachers union announced that they will likely go on strike on Thursday, January 10 after the holiday break.

If this happens, this means that many teachers at traditional public schools will not show up to work. This does not include independent charter schools like ours.

We are working to ensure that your child’s education at PUC Schools will not be impacted if District teachers strike. PUC Schools will remain open and your child’s education will not be interrupted. We will continue to provide students with the secure, uninterrupted, and high-quality learning environment that is a priority for our entire school community.

If there are protestors or demonstrators outside campus related to these issues, it is important that you know that our school will still be open, and we ask all students to attend class so they do not fall behind academically. Also, because our school receives funding based on every student’s attendance, absences mean that we have less resources to spend on your child’s education.

We will provide updates as this continues to unfold and are committed to working with you to ensure your child’s education is uninterrupted.