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Welcome to Triumph Charter Academy

Now Accepting Applications for the 2015-2016 School Year!

PUC Triumph Charter Academy, opened successfully in September 2007. This year the school moved into our beautiful new PUC Sylmar Education Complex in Sylmar. The facility has a beautiful field, gymnasium, and theatre in addition to large, state of the art classrooms. PUC Triumph Charter Academy shares their outstanding new campus with PUC Triumph Charter High School and PUC Lakeview Charter High School. This year, PUC Triumph Charter High School was merged under PUC Triumph Charter Academy to ensure a continuous education in grades 6-12 in the same school. An excellent team of energetic and dedicated administrators, teachers, experienced office staff, and after school coaches and tutors come together to create a vibrant learning community for the students in PUC Triumph Charter Academy.

Please note: PUC Triumph Charter Academy and PUC Triumph Charter High School are now under one charter petition serving grades 6-12. Therefore 8th grade automatically feeds into 9th grade, as do all other grades in 6-12 under that petition. If you would like to learn more about Triumph Charter High School, please click here.

PDFPUC Triumph Charter Academy Renewal Petition

Quick Facts
Grades Served:
6 to 8
Sylmar, CA
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