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Visitor Policy

Visitor Policy

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Visitor Policy


Site Visitor Policy

Who is a visitor?

  1. Anyone (non-site staff) who visits beyond the office
  2. Home Office Staff signs in and uses Home Office Staff Badges.
  1. There must be a meaningful purpose for the visit
  2. Where appropriate, Principal approval is attained prior to visit
  3. Visitors must abide by all school rules


Shared Campuses

  1. For sites that host multiple schools, a single point of entry is designated.
  2. This point of entry is designated for all entries and exits for all visitors.
  3. Once a visitor is checked-in at this point of entry, they are free to access the other schools.
  4. Visitors must wear their visitor badge or home office badge.




  1. Office Manager/Operations Manager is responsible for posting signs directing visitors to the front office.
  2. Office Manager has the following items at the front desk:
  • sign in/out sheet in a binder
  • Badges
  • Maps
  • Emergency Procedure Information Sheet
  1. If a visitor is sent by the Home Office (for repairs, a meeting, etc), the facilitator will alert the site and make any preparations necessary.


During Visit


  1. Visitor signs in the office and presents Government Issued Photo ID or PUC Home Office Employee Badge
  2. Visitor receives visitor sticker or badge. Visitor wears sticker or badge for the duration of visit.
  3. Visitor follow rules at all times and adheres to purpose of visit.


End of Visit


  1. Visitor signs out
  2. Visitor turns in sticker or badge and any appropriate materials.