Refer a Team Member

PUC Referral Program

Earn $150 – $750 for referring excellent PUC Teachers and FT Staff that are hired.

Referral Program

All referral bonuses are paid out after the team member has been hired and working for three full months.

Referral bonus is eligible for full-time new hires for the 2018-2019 SY.

  • School Administators – $750
  • Inclusion Specialist – $750
  • Chemistry & Physics – $700
  • All Other Science – $600
  • Math – $600
  • All Other Core Teachers – $500
  • All Elective & PE Teachers – $250
  • Full Time Classified – $150


Email if you have any further questions regarding the PUC Referral Program.

Email if you are a current employee and have any further questions regarding your PUC Referral Program payout.

Referral Program FAQs

How Do I Get It?

In order to receive the hiring bonus, the applicant must list your full name in the “how did you hear about us” box on our application.

How Do I Receive the Bonus?

You will receive the bonus approximately three months after the person you’ve referred starts working for us.

Any Tips?

We recommend that you email any potential friends or family with a link to our Career Opportunities page, and let them know they must list your name in order for you to receive the referral bonus. Posting the link on your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account with those brief directions may also prove fruitful! Best of luck.

What If Multiple People Refer the Same Person?

If someone is referred by more than one PUC employee, the referral bonus will go to the person whose name is listed in the application. We do ask the referral to list the name of the first person they were referred by.

Are There Any Exclusions?

If you are considered a PUC Hiring Manager (All Managers, Directors, Coordinators, Instructional Team Member and School Leaders), you do not qualify for the referral program.

I'm Ready to Refer!

If you’d like to refer someone please click the link listed at the top of this page and submit the person you’re referring along with their resume. If your referral meets our current needs we will contact them to complete the application and move forward in the interview process. Please remind them to list your name on the application.