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Dress Code

IMPORTANT NOTE: PUC CALS Charter Middle School NO LONGER ALLOWS HOODED SWEATSHIRTS, effective August 19, 2019.

Please check on our website for specific details about our uniform policy.

PUC Schools – Attire and Grooming Policy

The dress and grooming of students shall not interfere with the instructional program or create a health or safety hazard. All schools within the PUC network require students to wear uniforms. Each school will clearly communicate with parents and students its school uniform policy in writing.

This uniform dress code policy has been adopted by the PUC Board of Directors in compliance with the provisions of Article IX, section 5 of the California Constitution, and Assembly Bill 1575 (effective January 1, 2013), which prohibit the charging of any student fees for participation in an educational activity at a public school.

Students or parents requesting an exemption from any provision of the uniform dress code policy for religious or other reasons should contact their school principal directly.

Students may purchase conforming clothing at their school site. Any student or parent who needs assistance with identifying or purchasing conforming clothing should contact the School office directly.

No student shall be sent home from school or denied attendance to school, or penalized academically or otherwise discriminated against, for noncompliance with the school uniform dress code policy. However, any student who arrives at school in nonconforming clothes will be provided with conforming clothing by the school office for the day.

Any complaints related to the costs of conforming clothing should be addressed to the school’s Principal.

Attire and Grooming Regulations

The school’s uniform policy will adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. The appearance of students or attire worn by students, disruptive to the educational process will be grounds for exclusion from classes. This provision shall include, but not be limited to, wearing of a color, style, or item of clothing, a particular hair style or jewelry, and symbols of identification associated with organizations not connected to or sponsored by the school.
  2. Students shall not be permitted to wear attire which names, advertise, or promotes products that are illegal for minors, including items related to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
  3. Students shall not be permitted to wear attire which features offensive and/or vulgar words, pictures, or drawings, including naming advertising, or promoting sexually related products or activities.
  4. Students shall not be permitted to wear attire which includes words, phrases, or pictures that are derogatory regarding a person’s ethnic background, national origin, religious beliefs, gender, or disability.
  5. Students shall not be permitted to wear attire which is unduly revealing, or attire which distracts from the educational mission of the school.
  6. For reasons of safety, students will not be permitted to attend in bare feet and must wear shoes.

The principal and staff of each school may establish reasonable additional regulations regarding student appearance and attire to be required of students who voluntarily engage in extracurricular or other special school activities.